Why Pendulum

My initial interest in Pendulums came form an article titled ” Introductory physics labs : We can do it better ” by Natasha G. Holmes , and Carl E. Wieman

Here the article presents that we can get a better understanding of the world by experimentation . Thats a good idea , as it will also help me to grasp more the maths I learnt , but didnt really understand , during my secondary , tertiary education . More on what I did later.

Researching the World Wide Web , via Google , Utube and Barr Smith Library ( University of Adelaide ) , I have found the formulaes , theories , approximations that are being used to explain the pendulum motion and what it tells about the world .

Isaac Newtons Laws of Motion , Galileo watching a Chandelier in Church all helped our understanding of the Force of Gravity , represented mathematically as ” g ” .

From this frame of reference I will explore the maths that got humankind to the Moon and back .

Hope you enjoy the ride .

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