AMETA Monana Listing by Author

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Title /Author/Date

Our Climate : Trends and Drivers ,,,,, Beth Walton XXX Oct 2019

The Latest Report from IPCC ,,,,,, Beth Walton XXX Oct 2021

Wreckage in the rain forest : The Stinson Crash ,,,,,, Bruce Davis XXX Aug 2021 pg12

Measuring the Rain ,,,,,, Mark Little / Jon Leth XXX April 2019 pg1

Standardizing Daily Rainfall ,,,, Jon Leth XXX June 2021 pg11

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Welcome to 2023

Year 2022

Full of events War in Ukraine , COVID , Australian Gov change , Passing of HM Elizabeth II .

Social Media changes , Facebook ripping of news content ( Cambridge Analytica ) now have to Pay for it , Elon Musk changing Twitter , for the better ? Mastodon appearing in my sights as an alternate space for maths conversations.

A short note here as I havent had time to fully devote to this blog site .

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Rain Gauge at Cumberland Park

Hi Weather Watchers at AMETA ( )

I have gathered hourly rainfalls at my site for years now ( 3 ) , and wish to do some analysis of it . In particular i would like to be able to determine what type of Weather Event ( Low , Trough , Cold Front ) is associated with the rain that fell . i.e looking at the rain that fell , that was a Cold Front . My rain data follows closely to the rain record at BOM Keswick Site ( 023115 ) ( Link Below ) . Following the MLSP at the BOM Website gives me some indication of what is happening , BOM Adelaide Forecast tells me when the rain is coming when it over 75% .

I see a trend in rainfall ie, it can be all in one day , all little bits over 5 days . I wonder does the BOM number the Cold Fronts that come across Adelaide in a Calendar year ? I note that the weekly rainfall report lumps it all into Australia Wide which tends to make it difficult to extract the Adelaide rain events . I need a better understanding of Rain Regions , of which I’m getting my head around . ie Mid North ( District 9 ) etc

to be continued

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Jon Lethbridge

Hi from post Masa Conference

Did we meet at the conference ?

if so thanks for visiting my blog .

I have varying interests an can be seen here . A particular focus I have in the maths field are Software tools that can be used to reinforce maths concepts that are considered in the classroom . Desmos is a good one for ” What if ” scenarios .

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Why Pendulum

My initial interest in Pendulums came form an article titled ” Introductory physics labs : We can do it better ” by Natasha G. Holmes , and Carl E. Wieman

Here the article presents that we can get a better understanding of the world by experimentation . Thats a good idea , as it will also help me to grasp more the maths I learnt , but didnt really understand , during my secondary , tertiary education . More on what I did later.

Researching the World Wide Web , via Google , Utube and Barr Smith Library ( University of Adelaide ) , I have found the formulaes , theories , approximations that are being used to explain the pendulum motion and what it tells about the world .

Isaac Newtons Laws of Motion , Galileo watching a Chandelier in Church all helped our understanding of the Force of Gravity , represented mathematically as ” g ” .

From this frame of reference I will explore the maths that got humankind to the Moon and back .

Hope you enjoy the ride .


Mathematical Association of South Australia (MASA)

I, Went to the AGM on its date . Very organised group of volunteers. I got some hand outs about the Association , as they are going through some changes at present , updating there constitution.

This blog is created using WordPress which I attended a one day course @ WEA to better learn how to drive the program, so I can make the blog function for readers whom want to comment , and to give the blog a new look , to attract people to return to it 🙂

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Hi there Maths people or with an interest in maths

I have just read Eddy Woos book “Wonderful World of Maths ” PanMcMillan 2018

I really enjoyed the Chapter 07 ” What Sunflowers know about the Universe ”

Here Eddy talks about the Golden Ratio .  This is the term phi  Φ  which equals ( to 10 significant figures ) Φ = 1.6180339887  or  (1+√5)/2 or the larger root of  y=x^2 -x-1    or  (a+b)/b = b/a  from a linear term ( need to insert graphic to see this more )

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