Rain Gauge at Cumberland Park

Hi Weather Watchers at AMETA ( http://www.ameta.org.au )

I have gathered hourly rainfalls at my site for years now ( 3 ) , and wish to do some analysis of it . In particular i would like to be able to determine what type of Weather Event ( Low , Trough , Cold Front ) is associated with the rain that fell . i.e looking at the rain that fell , that was a Cold Front . My rain data follows closely to the rain record at BOM Keswick Site ( 023115 ) ( Link Below ) . Following the MLSP at the BOM Website gives me some indication of what is happening , BOM Adelaide Forecast tells me when the rain is coming when it over 75% .

I see a trend in rainfall ie, it can be all in one day , all little bits over 5 days . I wonder does the BOM number the Cold Fronts that come across Adelaide in a Calendar year ? I note that the weekly rainfall report lumps it all into Australia Wide which tends to make it difficult to extract the Adelaide rain events . I need a better understanding of Rain Regions , of which I’m getting my head around . ie Mid North ( District 9 ) etc

to be continued

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Jon Lethbridge